Level Term Assurance

Level-Term policies can be an affordable option for family protection. The plan will provide a lump sum that your family can invest to live on after you've gone. You can choose how long you want the cover to last. Many people choose to have their cover for a period that coincides with when they expect their children to become financially independent or when they expect their mortgage to be paid off such as an interest only mortgage.

A level-term assurance policy pays out a lump sum if you die within the policy term. The amount you're covered for will remain the same throughout, regardless of your circumstances, as long as premiums are maintained. The monthly or annual premiums you pay will stay the same over the policy term. With premiums from only £5 a month, protecting your loved ones could cost less than you think — although the actual cost depends on the amount and length of cover chosen, as well as your personal circumstances.

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